Riverside | Daun Penh

Riverside | Daun Penh

Riverside Real Estate Overview

The Riverside is situated at the North end of Cambodia’s capital city.  The Riverside area falls under the district of Khan Daun Penh and is located on the banks of the scenic Tonle Bassac River, stretching all the way to the Japanese Friendship Bridge.

Riverside Phnom Penh Suburb GuideRiverside is a bustling, vibrant and landmark filled area, with sweeping views of the Mekong and Tonle Bassac River, the Royal Palace and a wide variety of great restaurants and bars to choose from. The area is popular for its scenic views of the river as well as its popularity amongst all who visit or live in Phnom Penh. As a result of this, most businesses in the area are aimed at foreign and tourist clientele.

Riverside Property Market Trends

The choice of property rentals and commercial premises are plenty, with a wide variety of modern serviced apartment blocks available as well as the more traditional shop front style housing. Properties on the Riverside tend to be built closely together due to the location’s popularity and bustling entertainment sector. However, this is countered by the open, sweeping views of the river that many Riverside properties offer.

The River front itself is a major business hub in the city, with hotels, restaurants and bars located liberally throughout. Many establishments will have homes built above them, so real estate offerings are plenty on the scenic River Side main strip.Cambodia Riverfront Living

As you move away from the River front, housing is defined by a more traditionally Khmer, shop front style of housing. Due to the areas popularity, many apartment owners are renovating their traditional Khmer apartments. This means that great deals can be found on newly renovated properties.

The streets are bustling with vendors and shops, all offering a variety of delicious local produce. With Phnom Penh’s real estate expansion in full swing, newer developments are starting to pop up in the Riverside area, which means that high end, western serviced apartments and condos are increasingly available.

Due to spacing, villas are less common in the Riverside part of Khan Daun Penh. However, as you move away from the Riverfront, towards Norodom and Monivong Boulevards, you will be able to find a wider variety of villas and houses for rent.

Riverside Schools

Golden Gate American School is located in the Daun Penh district and well known schools such as the International School of Phnom Penh, Heritage International and Beltei International School are located close by and are all a ten minute drive away from Riverside.

Riverside Home Prices

Villas and properties with direct riverside views range from about USD$2 000 to USD$3 500 pcm, Flats for rent start from USD$450 pcm, depending on the property features and square metre size of an apartment, as well as whether it is shop front style or in a serviced block.

Riverside Community Info

Riverside is home to some of the most highly rated bars, restaurants and clubs in the city.  With the Mekong River as the back drop, Riverside is a suburb that attracts both tourists and foreigners living in the city.

Café Society dominates the Riverfront district with Gloria Jeans and Blue Pumpkin coffee shops liberally situated throughout the area. Local Markets, such as the Kandal Market and the Night Market are both located directly on the Riverside, and are the perfect places to shop for fresh and local produce. Convenience is a huge plus when looking to rent or purchase property in this area as everything one needs is within walking distance.

The Riverside is also a major local attraction, with local residents flocking to the main promenade in the mornings and evenings to either exercise, walk along the river front or just spend time with their families. The area offers a perfect balance between expatriate lifestyles and being part of the local Khmer community, thus making it a popular real estate choice for many moving to Phnom Penh.

So, if Riverside is one of your choices, it can be said that it is a good one. Convenience, city hustle, proximity to BKK1 and outstanding Mekong river views combine to make this suburb a great choice for anyone looking to relocate or move to Phnom Penh.

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