BKK1|Boeung Keng Kang 1

BKK1|Boeung Keng Kang 1

BKK1 Real Estate Overview

BKK1 or Boeung Keng Kang 1 is located at the North Eastern end of Sihanouk Blvd in Phnom Penh and is bordered by the major roads Norodom Blvd, Mao Tse Toung Blvd and Monivong Blvd. The suburb is renowned for its comparatively sleepy, wide and tree lined avenues, home to many international expatriates and professionals in Phnom Penh.

BKK1 Area Guide BKK1 is a popular area for Embassies and NGO’s and has long catered for the needs of expatriates, business owners and professionals living in the city. Rentals and housing in this district tend to be of a higher standard than other parts of the city and are priced accordingly. The neighbourhood is in close proximity to Phnom Penh tourist attractions such as the Independence Monument and Wat Lanka and BKK1’s businesses are aimed at attracting foreign clientele, which means that beautiful hotels, bars, boutiques and restaurants are dotted throughout the area.

BKK1 Property Market Trends

Boeung Keng Kang 1 is full of serviced apartments, condos and villas to rent or buy. Most of these buildings are very modern and include gymnasiums, cleaning services and pools.

According to the VTrust group, land prices rose steadily between 2008 and 2013: moving from between $3 000 to $3 500 per square metre to between $3 500 to $4 000 per square metre. The areas popularity amongst home and business owners stands to ensure that property prices may continue to rise.

Rental prices start from around $450 USD pcm. The choices are plenty, which means that there is a wide range to choose from and the prices may reflect this.

BKK1 Schools

Boeung Keng Kang 1 boasts some of the most well known schools in Phnom Penh. Schools such as the iCAN British International School, Stamford International Academy and Zaman International School are all located in Tonle Bassac. Home of English International School and Heritage International are all conveniently located in the area. You can find these schools located on street 360, 352 and 282. The high level of education at these schools, and their convenient location allows for anyone moving to or living in BKK1 to be guaranteed good schooling for their children.

BKK1 Home Prices

Rentals for apartments, villas and houses in BKK1 range from $450 USD pcm, for a more traditional Khmer style apartment, to $5 000 pcm for a serviced apartment in one of the newer and more luxurious condominium developments such as Silvertown. Short term flats to rent and long term homes for lease are widely available and you are usually required to put down one month rent for deposit.

Purchasing property in this area of Phnom Penh usually starts at about USD $3 500 per square metre.

Boeung Keng Kang 1 Community Info

Boeung Keng Kang is an area that is filled with beautiful restaurants: offering a variety of international cuisine as well as local Khmer food. Restaurants such as The Common Tiger, Topaz and Mok Mony are rated some of the finest dining in the city.  Bars, clubs and coffee shops are plentiful: a great coffee shop such as Browns or Joma is never too far away. Gyms such as Paddy’s and The Place are close by and offer great deals for people living long term in the city.

At the North Eastern end of the district is Wat Lanka and Independence Monument and this is an area that’s surrounding streets are buzzing with expatriate activity. Streets 278 and 282 are where the biggest concentration of these businesses are located, with popular bars such as Top Banana and Equinox drawing in many expatriates.

As you move away from this section of BKK1, towards the well known Boeung Keng Kang Market (a great and reasonably priced place to do all kinds of shopping), the area becomes more residential.

BKK1 is an area that sets itself apart from others in its cleanliness, greenery filled streets and development. Whilst new buildings are constantly popping up, in terms of real estate and convenient living, Boeung Keng Kang has everything you need. Making a move to this suburb in Phnom Penh ensures a convenient and easy transition into Cambodia.

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