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KH4973 Kampot | 12 Room Guesthouse for Sale In Kampot City | $96,000

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Property ID : KH4973

For Sale $96,000 - Business, Hotel
1250 Sq Meters12 Bedrooms14 Bathrooms Print this page

This well established guesthouse on the riverside of Kampot has 12 units in varying configurations:

  • 3 twin, flat screen TV, private toilet, hot shower, fridge, AC and fan
  • 4 double, flat screen TV, private toilet, hot shower, fridge, AC and fan
  • 1 single comes with fan, private hot shower and toilet
  • 1 dormitory for 6 (max 8 persons), fan, hot shower, 3 toilets
  • Brand new bungalow, two rooms with 2+3 beds = 5
  • Tree-house (fan and electricity), sleeps 2-3 persons
  • Hammock park for 8-10 persons (with a small investment can be turned to 2 more bungalows)

Most units are equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV and a private shower with hot water. Location is just 10 minutes from Kampot city centre with a motorbike, and 15 by walking. This guesthouse has a large yard with a lush garden, open air kitchen and bar, plenty of seating space and parking for 4-6 cars and 20 motorbikes.

This business has an established and automated booking system, good ratings in TripAdvisor and several other booking services, long rental lease and a lovely land lord. Owner is selling this profitable guesthouse because of a change of city and new business projects.

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