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Chabar Ampov |4 Bedroom Townhouse For Rent In Borey Peng Hout Boeng Snor | $450

  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Ground-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bathroom-2-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bedroom-5-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bathroom-1-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bedroom-2-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bedroom-3-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bathroom-2-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH (2)
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Bathroom-4-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Front-2-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH
  • Chbar-Ompov-4-Bedroom-Townhouse-For-Rent-In-Borey-Peng-Hout-Kitchen-1-KH5041-ELEVATED-PHNOM-PENH

Property ID : KH5041

For Rent $450 Per Month - Townhouse
189 Sq Meters4 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms Print this page

This nice townhouse located in the Chbar Ampov neighborhood has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. This unit is equipped with hot water. Another option of price for this unit is $600 which is equipped with air conditioning, washing machine, sofa in the living-room, fridge and staffs in the bedroom. This unit is located just next to Southbridge International School, so it is very convenient for those who are going to work in this school, and around this area that can send their children to this school as well. This Borey is very secured and safe with security guards at every gate.

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